Ishmael is old friends Andy Werle (Guitars), Aaron Silberstein (Percussion), Nick Otte (Bass, Voices). Weaving strange currents and patterns in Brooklyn, New York.


FFO – TTNG, Crash of Rhinos, Owls…

words of others:

“When the mystical [Ishmael] unites, they churn out stadium-sized instrumental workouts, replete with tangling guitar spirals, soaring vocals, melodic left turns, and grooves that you could dance to if you wanted. (That is, if you weren’t too busy head banging.)” – The Wesleyan Argus

“The Aim: Euphoric. The Delivery: Exemplary. Ishmael’s lead vocals combined with the ability to navigate through their music’s tight turns and intricate melodies left the crowd lost in the gray area between head-banging and dancing.” – Grateful Web

“The band: Ishmael. The keywords: Variety, Talent, Originality. The verdict: See them live.” – The Quad (BU)

“A thoroughly reinvigorating 45 minutes of proggy interplay, epic vocal acrobatics, twisted time signatures, and well-honed fuzz explosions.” –

“The group was impressive… Ishmael at times sounded as though the lead singer was part of an opera or a musical, but the background music kept the performance punk rock.” –