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Arlene’s Grocery

Hey ya’ll.

Due to some unexpected flooding as a result of of a storm the skies unleashed a few nights ago on New York, we have had to move our show on the 28th from Local 269 – The good news is that the show will now be at Arlene’s Grocery!

Arlene’s is a great NYC venue and we honestly couldn’t be more exited that we get to share this new moment in Ishmael with you from this stage. The show is still going to be an early one (7pm) so come on over and hang with us afterwards!

You can check out more info on the show, which we’ll be playing with Futurist among others. Arlene’s is at 95 Stanton St. NY, NY. And don’t forget to say you came for Ishmael! Head over to to pick up your tickets in advance.

So much in store. See you there guys.



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Departures; New Beginnings

It is with heavy hearts yet high spirits that we announce that our dear friend and constant comrade, Jordan Lewis, will be parting ways with Ishmael the band. Jordan has been an indispensable part of our growth as a group, and as he leaves now for new pursuits, we wish him well. We look with eager eyes toward what the future holds for us both. The music we made with Jordan is a essential part of our foundation, and we will always cherish our shared adventures. The vision we first glimpsed four years ago remains unabashedly vibrant, and our collective musical mind is as focused as ever. Ishmael will continue on, and while we are sad to see Jordan go, we couldn’t be more excited for the direction in which we are headed. Onward.


Our first appearance as a trio will be Friday, Sept. 28 at 7 pm at Local 269 in the Lower East Side. We have oodles of new material we are excited to share with you all. See you there.


-Andy, Nick, and Aaron

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