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EP Tracklist Revealed (and other stories)


While we contemplate the last few steps of bringing the Ishmael EP to fruition, we thought we’d share some more info with you guys concerning its content.

Here is the track listing for the EP:

1 – Feet Stomp

2 – The Swimmer

3 – Kansas 1940 (In The Future)

4 – Rain

These four songs were selected from our ever-expanding original repertoire because we feel they  effectively show different colors of the many colored beast that is Ishmael, while still cohesively flowing as one piece of work. Some of these songs have been around for a while (Rain, Kansas), and some are newer (Feet Stomp, The Swimmer). The collection takes the strongest elements of our recent past, and we think it points the way to our future.

So excited for you guys to hear it.

Another interesting bit of Ishmael business: The Wesleyan Argus (publication of Wesleyan University in CT where we often throw down) has conducted a brief interview with the band about our unique technique in creating this EP and our affiliation with the University thus far. Though Andy and Jordan will soon be moving on, Wesleyan shall always remain a proud stomping ground, and there are undoubtedly more raucous nights to come.

Check out the interview here: Argus: Ishmael Talks New EP.


The EP release and some exciting shows are just around the corner. Stay tuned friends.



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Just Fast Enough So You Can See…

“Pomegranate” Live at The Delancey, New York City, February 9th 2012

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February Things

Still listening to Feet Stomp? Me too. Don’t forget to share it!

A couple of things are going on this week that you should know about.

First off, we are playing a show at NYC’s Delancey (168 delancey street) this thursday, the 9th. We’ll be going on around 11 pm, a couple of bands are slotted to play before us. We know this is a bit last minute, but we just couldn’t say no. So if you’ve got nothing better to do on thursdsay than watch 30 rock and parks and rec, dvr that stuff and come dance around with us. Here is the Facebook event for the show.

There is a video we put together in honor of the Feet Stomp release. You can take a gander at that over in the videos section of our site, or by hitting the link to our Youtube page. >>

Also speaking of Feet Stomp,  check out this little post that Wesleying put together for the release of the song. Check it out here. Thanks for the love Middletown, we’ll be seeing you oh so very soon.

Ishmael ep  is creeping ever closer. We’ll see you out there.


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