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Knit Pic


Our show this past weekend at the Knitting Factory in good ol’ Crooklyn was a truly unique concert experience. A wildly eclectic range of acts made the night a sight to behold. Thanks to all the other acts, and huge thanks to all our friends who came and kicked it hard with us. We’ll be back again soon.

Thanks to our boy NFP for the shot.



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“You Can’t Evict an Idea”

Last night was a roller coaster.

Set to play at Wesleyan’s Eclectic, we found out just hours before our start time that the show had been cancelled due to some bureaucratic ridiculousness.

Unpredictability sometimes begets better things.

The folks over at Psi U were kind enough to add us to their night’s bill. We can’t thank enough those in charge of the event and the bands involved for welcoming us into their night. A disorderly and dastardly set ensued, and we couldn’t have asked for more.

Thanks so much to everyone who came to support us.

Atop the post is a link to an article from concerning last nights show, along with some choice pictures from our set.

Next weekend we’ll be at the Knitting Factory in Brooklyn. You can get your tickets right now by clicking the link below.

We’ll see you there.


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Knit Tix

Tickets are now available now for our show at Brooklyn’s Knitting Factory on Saturday Nov. 26th.

Go get em here:  //

See you there NY.

See you Friday CT.


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Extra Extra

Hello all,

We have some real exciting news to tell you all… and here’s just the first bit:

We have two upcoming shows this month.

The first will be this coming Friday, November 18th at Wesleyan University’s Eclectic. As you know we love throwing down with our CT peeps, and this will truly be one for the books.

We will also be playing at the Knitting Factory in Brooklyn on Saturday the 26th. We’ve been out of the borough for a spell and are excited to play at this venue.

And last on todays agenda,

Over the next few weeks we will be revealing information concerning an upcoming release. We spent the better part of August recording some songs (take a peek over in the videos section), and they will very soon be headed straight for you. For now, come out and hang with us at one of these shows and you just might hear some of what we’ve got in store.

We’ll see you out there.


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