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Many Words

Hello internets,

It has been a few weeks since Ishmael has peeked out its head, but lots has been going on inside the camp.

We are taking a few steps back from the stage to fine tune and expand our sonic reaches. songs are being reworked and refined, and new exciting material is springing up fast and strong.

In the meantime, I’d like to share some of the many words that accompany our tunes. Here below are the lyrics to one of our newer tunes we call Kansas 1940 (In The Future), which we have let out of the cage on our last couple of outings. Ponder and enjoy.



A walk down to the corner

Familiar conversation

A mutual observation

Once was felt before


Could that door be opened

This notion hold some water

Letting go the quotient

Our wonder starts to flow


Possible variations

Perpetually stumble

Associations crumble

In lives we’ve yet to know


If new beginnings alter

Would all then cease to matter

And change what comes hereafter

Or would time simply stall…



We drink the water

until we’re full


We drink the water

Until (with) our eyes close


Separate from our sources

Deprived of all our choices

We spoke with different voices

But recognize the call


A new place altogether

Yet this place is so familiar

I guess it’s just as likely

We never moved at all



we’ll see you soon.



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