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We wait for Summer’s crescendo.



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v3 – Feet Stomp

Hello Friends

Last weekend we played a room that we’ve come to know intimately over our time together. A room that has provided us with some of the best times we’ve collectively known.

A year ago that night we played the very same room, on a similarly rain drenched evening, and we would like to thank every person that shared in either of those experiences, and especially those who supported us through the year that led us back. We are so grateful for your continuing support and for sharing in this thing we love so much.

We’d also like to give a shout out to The Crutch who played with us on the night. We hope to do it again soon.

Here’s a brief glimpse at the night.

We’ll see you next time.


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The Second Annual Feet Stomp

Hey everyone,

Sorry it feels like such a while since we last updated everything.  Due to some unfortunate events in the outside world, things were forced to slow down a little since our last show at the Delancey.  But baby, we’re back!

This Saturday, April 16 we will be playing our second annual concert on the evening of the Zonker Harris Day extravaganza at Wesleyan University.  The show will be at the Music House at Wesleyan and will begin sometime around 10:30.  We’re really excited to play live and on this day at Wesleyan and we hope that we can generate some aggressive smiling and swaying.  We even got this sweet poster from the best press/pr/art director/fashion consultant, Steff.  Also at this show, we’re gonna try out adding some more synthesized sounds to the songs which should be fun to hear.  Much love to ya’ll!

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