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Hello Friends,

We had a dope time at the Delancey on Sunday, and thought we’d share part of it with you here. Below is a video of us playing one of our newer tunes that we like to call “Triceraclops.” This instrumental number is great fun to play, and we even added on a little surprise at the end. check it out.

We are currently working on some new material, so stick around for more.



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Fancy Delancey

Well, its been a little while since our last post, but we’re still busy in Ishmael town. We just played a great show at Wesleyan University with a spaced out band called Almonds and Elephants. Playing at Wesleyan is always a lot of fun for us and hopefully we’ll be playing more there this semester.

Also, we’re gearing up for our show at the Delancey a week from today. We’re going on at 9pm and we’re opening for an indie thrash band from Australia called DZ Deathrays. The show is supposed to be a New York lead up to SXSW that is going on later this month and we’re MAD excited to play together. The Delancey is at 168 Delancey Street between Clinton and Attorney (which are two streets I have never actually heard of before). Undoubtedly, you should come. As always, Steff has made up a dope poster. We want to see you there!


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