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Club Phun

Thanks to everyone for a great show last night at Arlene’s Grocery!  Big thanks to No Pulp Music for putting the show together and for running everything so well.  Also, check out this write up of Ishmael on No Pulp’s website… Cool stuff.   We’re looking forward to getting back the pictures taken at the show last night.  We’ll put them up here as soon as we get them.

For now, check out these lovely pictures we snapped right before the set.  All smiles indeed.

Next up?  The Middle East in Cambridge on February 10.

Boston here we come.


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Arlene’s Grocery

Hello internets!
Welcome again to our new .com venue for all things Ish.
It’s with a very fond farewell we bid 2010 adieu. It was an exciting period in which we traversed new frontiers musically and had the opportunity to share many memorable moments with all of you at some of our favorite shows to date. We are eager now to find what this new year holds in store.
We’re giddy as geese to be able to say that our next show on the island of manhattan will be at Arlene’s Grocery, a venue with a reputation for supremely awesome live music. We’re taking the opportunity on this occasion to premiere some new material, as well as our take on a favorite track of ours. The show will be this tuesday, the 25th.
Here’s the flier for our night at Arlene’s,
Happy new year. Happy travels.
See you there!
-nick and ish


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Hey Sullivan Hawll

Hey everybody.  We are really happy to have this website up and running, it’s gonna be a lot of fun.  Anyway, Nick Pray just sent us a great picture he took backstage at Sullivan Hall last week.  Check it out!

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Hi there everybody in internet world! We are really excited to put up our new website! Things are going really well in the Ishmael camp. We just booked a show at the Middle East in Cambridge, MA for February 10th. Supposedly, its being billed as some sort of prog/post-rock night which should be fun for us. We have been working on a bunch of new stuff lately and we’re really excited for the future. In celebration of our new site and everything, Nick F. Pray our honorary fifth member put together a nice little video of us working on some new material and ends with some footage from our recent show at Sullivan Hall. Enjoy!!

See you guys soon,


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